What we produce

Authentic and genuine flavors for quality products 

Organic extra virgin olive oil
Red and rosé wine
Jams and jellies

We proudly produce an high quality extra-virgin olive oil, using only biodynamic processes, from our handly collected high quality olives. Our high quality extra virgin olive oil, with its fresh grass and artichoke flavour lightly spiced, is  sold by 0,75l bottles or 5l cans. It perfect  match with fresh veggies, soups and home made bread.

We personally take care of out vineyard with love and passion. From that we produce a tasty red table wine which is composed by different kind of grapes like: SANGIOVESE, CANAIOLO, TREBBIANO and a small percentage of MOSCATO D'AMBURGO to bring out the red fruits and violet flavour. To pair with red meat and mature cheese.

We produce delicious jams and jellies. Jams: apricot, peach, strawberry, fig, blackberry, plum. Jellies: lemon, orange, grape, prickly pear.

Barnyard animals and daily eggs
Fresh fruit and vegetable
Amiata donkeys